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Most neuroscientists are not coaches or change facilitators. When they design their studies and explore their findings, they don't necessarily have concepts like change, Unlearning, or transformation in mind. This course is designed to bridge that gap.


Imagine what it could be like to have someone who understands the ins-and-outs of neuroscience, answer all your coaching and change facilitation finally get answers about why and how to align transformation and change efforts with the way the brain works.


This course will give you access to the most up-to-date RELEVANT research, not just to how things work in the brain, but why it matters in how we design change to best support our clients.

You can choose between two options below: A basic course and an advanced course.

Basic Course:
Brain Research and Transformation

Quick description:

100% money back guarantee

Advanced Course:
Brain Research and Transformation

Quick description:

All the materials included in the basic course plus:

For those who completed KCI's full-length Foundations in Applied Neuroscience program (or the Advanced Certification in Applied Neuroscience: Please use your dedicated code to get a 25%-50% discount on all of KCI's Self-Study programs!

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