KCI's Certification in Applied Neuroscience is exceptional and unique in many ways. It emphasizes solving difficult change challenges, and thanks to its dedicated focus, it covers top Neuroscience-based models and then combines them with unparalleled hands-on practice. It will position you to have a unique value proposition and allow you to support powerful transformation. 

Over the years KCI certified and trained hundreds of coaches, consultants, and HR leaders to use Neuroscience-based models and support their clients through difficult change.

Different programs in this space vary by number of participants, specific models covered, duration, and price. To best compare the Certification in Applied Neuroscience with other programs, you may want to consider:


Now For The First Time:


Over the years, KCI offered the Certification in Applied Neuroscience program in a 1-on-1 certification format only. This year for the first time, the same excellent program is designed in a small-group format (offered 3 times a year only).

Curriculum in 7 Modules:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to the Neuroscience of change:

    • An introduction to Unlearning.

    • Integrated-brain concepts. 

    • Change-related brain systems. 

    • How the above apply to areas like overcoming resistance, building an effective accountability structure, and improving performance.

  • Module 2 - The Neuroscience of Resistance:

    • Identifying and overcoming different types of resistance.

    • Reducing internal bias vs. external threat. 

    • Building effective accountability.

    • Understanding the chemical nature of resistance and how to counteract it (hormones and neurotransmitters).

    • Understanding the relationship between preexisting neuro-synaptic pathways and resistance.

    • How we can better support emotional regulation during change (from a Neuroscience perspective).

  • Module 3 - Change-Readiness Skills:

    • Subconscious vs. conscious skills.

    • Which skills prepare the brain for change.

    • How can we tap into the brain's ability to be open to new ways of doing things.

    • Which Neuro-based skills increase brain-integration and why that is important. 

    • Which deep Neuro-based skills support our ability to increase tolerance for ambiguity and discomfort.

    • Which Neuro-based skills improve resilience, growth-mindset, effective decision making, effective communication, and inclusion.

  • Module 4 - Neuroscience-Based Diagnostics:

    • Understanding the unique value of combining 3 Neuroscience-based assessment tools (PRISM Brain Mapping, Leadership Index, Solution Assessment).

    • Critical techniques for Neuro-based goal-setting process.

    • Neuro-assessments as a first step for improving performance, collaboration, empathy, vulnerability and other key abilities.

  • Module 5 - Unlearning and Engaging the Right Systems in the Brain:

    • Understanding the conditions required for change acquisition.

    • Guiding people through the 5 stages of the Unlearning process and the obstacles between stages.

    • Understanding Vertical & Bilateral Integration (mind-body & between the hemispheres in the brain).

    • Understanding the difference between the explicit system and the implicit system in the brain.

    • Combining the above to improve change acquisition and overcome the Knowing-Doing Gap.

  • Module 6 - Practice

    • Experience facilitating a Neuroscience-based coaching process first-hand.

    • Applying Neuroscience-based models, techniques, and tools to coach another group member (with mentoring).

  • Module 7 - Integration

    • Processing additional applications and expanding implementation to a variety of different difficult-change scenarios.

How Can I Sign Up?

This small group program is limited to 5 spots only (first-come-first-serve). To reserve your spot or with any questions, please contact us at: Reut@KeyChangeNow.com


This program is a good fit for Coaches, consultants, HR professionals, and other change leaders interested in how to apply Neuroscience-based models to coaching. From a Neuroscience perspective, all change starts from the individual so this is a stand-alone certification and also the foundation for higher certification levels in team development and organizational change.


This program is fast-paced, requires deep reflection, and is unique is scope, depth, and complexity. It is not right for everyone. You are likely to benefit most from it if you: 

  • Are curious and open to learning how to use new models that may conflict with traditional models (but align with how the brain works).

  • Are highly results-oriented and motivated to make a difference.

  • Are interested in knowing how to guide change with great clarity.

  • Are interested in being positioned as an expert in the intersection of Neuroscience and Difficult Change.

  • Strive to use KindExcellence skills (kind, caring, open, and compassionate but at the same time results-driven and comfortable with the discomfort required to hold people accountable).

  • Time Commitment: Approx. 6 months, 90 minute live weekly discussions, 2-3 hours a week preparing for sessions and practicing new skills. Group members will meet periodically with their dedicated KCI Certifying Partner to explore specific questions and applications.

  • Location: Virtual - online recorded lectures, live small Q&A and group discussions, and virtual 1-on-1 sessions.

  • Cost: Typically, big group 6-month long certification programs cost around $6,000. The price for this program is $5,000 ($4,250 for early sign-up or 4 monthly installments of $1125).

  • Prerequisites: Suitable for HR professionals, coaches, consultants, and other change leaders with prior experience in change facilitation.

  • Instruction: Taught by leading experts in the area of Neuroscience Applications to Difficult Change.

  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes. However, a small group program requires the participation of group members. We offer this program knowing that you will gain access to valuable cutting-edge models, tools, and techniques but also that Neuroscience-based models are not everyone's cup of tea. We honor our money back guarantee commitment but please take the time to talk to one of KCI's Certifying Partners,  review the content, talk to other previously certified coaches, consultants, and HR leaders, and ask us any questions you may have to ensure (as much as possible) that you are comfortable with your choice up front.

  • Credit with Accreditation Organizations: Although KCI certifications provide unparalleled individual attention, we’ve been able to keep prices competitively low (compare to programs with 45 participants). We do this by avoiding flashy marketing and paying other organizations. KCI doesn’t offer credit with ICF, SHRM or other accreditation organizations. Our savings are directly rolled over to reduce your certification costs. That said, in many cases like with SHRM we can help you apply for credit independently.

  • Upcoming start datesMid-February 2021 (exact date TBD)

To sign up or with any additional questions, please contact Reut@KeyChangeNow.com