Neuroscience Applications for Supporting Difficult Change: Change management and organizational change at scale.


This is a self-paced, virtual, expert guided certification program. It includes:


  • Online lectures covering neuroscience-based foundations to study at your own pace.

  • Unlimited, live one-on-one sessions with a KCI Certifying Partner (minimum of 10 sessions) at the end of each learning module.

  • Exercises, practice, and hands-on application of tools and principles.

  • Full refund guarantee by the end of the 3rd session. 

Certification for Change Professionals


Over the past 15 years the KCI team trained and certified hundreds of HR Leaders and other Change Professionals to make difficult change simple.


KCI is committed to training and certifying change leaders to make difficult change simple. The KCI Change Acquisition Method uses neuroscience-based principles, models, and tools to bridge existing execution gaps, and equip people to overcome invisible obstacles to change. You can expect information-packed sessions, step-by-step workbooks, individual mentoring, real-life and simulated practice, and the life-long support of other certified change professionals as you keep applying what you've learned to changing situations.

Program Outline

HR professionals, coaches, and consultants will learn to use neuroscience-based change-acquisition models, principles, and tools to guide teams through difficult change. 


  • Module 1: Neuroscience principles for facilitating difficult change at scale.​​

  • Module 2: How to achieve and sustain change at an individual level throughout the organization.

  • Module 3: Step-by-step effective goal-setting and diagnostic process for organizational change.

  • Module 4: Organizational change challenges, resistance, and difficult-change specific obstacles and how to overcome them.

  • Module 5: Creating an organization-wide, time efficient, effective accountability structure.

  • Module 6: Aligning culture, structure, and processes with desired organizational goals.

  • Module 7: Driving sustainable change through organizations.

  • Module 8: Dry run, case studies, and practice.

  • Module 9: Review and discussion.

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