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What is Advanced Foundations in Applied Neuroscience?


This program equips coaches and change facilitators with advanced neuroscience know-how to support transformation when developing awareness and insight is not enough.


If you are not yet familiar with the Advanced Foundations in Applied Neuroscience program: please click here or check out the FOUNDATIONS tab in the main menu, then please come back to this page to explore the the self-paced option.

We are testing out this new format (same brilliant program, new drop-in format) - offering an incredible discount to honor those who are willing to experiment with us and allow us to learn.

What Is The Self-Paced Format?


In one word: Flexibility.


This is the exact same program as the Advanced Foundations in Applied Neuroscience program. The same high quality content, same materials, same valuable discussions, and plenty of live interactions with faculty and other students, but in a self-paced format.


Why This Format?

For the past several years, KCI offered only two start dates a year for the Advanced Foundations in Applied Neuroscience program (around April and September). However, we noticed that cohort members would really appreciate more flexibility: both in terms of being able to start when it works with their schedule, and in terms of being able to benefit fully from the materials (dive in when they have more availability, and take time to focus on their workload when they need to).

How Does It Work?

  • Study at your own pace: Watch, listen, and read the materials in a way that aligns with your own learning style, workload, and rhythm.

  • Complete the program on your terms: Start anytime and go as slowly or as quickly as you wish. Take your time and space out the learning or complete the program in a flash.

  • Attend live sessions based on your own schedule: Attend up to 12 live Q&A discussion sessions when you have questions, wish to discuss applications, and based on your own availability.

  • Bonus 1-on-1 Q&A session: In addition to participating in live Q&A and application sessions, this program includes a dedicated 1-on-1 session with a KCI Certifying Partner. Take advantage of this bonus to explore specific applications which are relevant to your work in more depth (can be used at any point during the program).

What Do You Need to Know?


This program covers the same advanced, high quality materials included in the 12 sessions of the Advanced Foundations in Applied Neuroscience program.

However, unlike the more structured or rigid format of the cohort-based program, this format allows you to join live Q&A/discussion/application sessions based on your availability and progress. The live "drop-in" Q&A/discussion/application sessions are:

  • Held twice a month: Multiple times are available based on your time zone and progress (see schedulhere).

  • Highly application-oriented (if your questions require an elaborate exploration of a specific case study, we may invite you to schedule your free 1-on-1 bonus session).

  • Sixty-minute long each.

  • ​​Recorded and available for your review (a minimum attendance of 6 live sessions in required to qualify for ICF CCE credit).

  • Based on progress: To keep questions and discussion relevant to everyone attending, different live Q&A sessions are available for participants exploring the first half of the course and for those who completed the first half of the material and are exploring the more "advanced" half of the program.


KCI's Advanced Foundations in Applied Neuroscience and Advanced Certification in Applied Neuroscience programs are well established courses. In the past 17 years, KCI has trained and certified hundreds of coaches and change facilitators. That said, the world is constantly changing, our students have been asking for more flexibility, and we always strive to provide you with the best learning experience possible! While we are learning and "debugging" this new format of the program, we are offering a highly discounted rate (need-base scholarships are always available on top of that).


Cost: $1,250 (instead of $1,750) 

Installments: 2 installments of $650 each or 3 installments of $450 each + 2.9% online processing fee if relevant).


Please let us know. We'll be happy to clarify and be of support in any way we can!​

KCI Certification in Applied Neuroscience: transformation coaching

You May Also Want To Know

  • KCI offers a risk-free 14 day FULL money back guarantee. 

How Can I Sign Up?

Since this is a self-paced option, you can start at any time. However, in order to insure Q&A discussion sessions maintain a small group setting (so you can have all your questions answered) this option is still limited in capacity. To get more information about starting right away or to be placed on our wait list, please contact us or reach out directly to:

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