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Racism from a Neuroscience Perspective

Perhaps one of the most difficult change areas is the inclusion and racism domain.

From a Neuroscience perspective, this change is difficult because it is tied to:

- Our own definition of identity (which is something we are often highly invested in).

- Deep split-second activated subconscious biases towards certain identity "categories" (the speed of the response makes it hard for us to detect).

- Responses that are tied to subconscious definitions of who is in our in-group vs. who we see as part of our out-group.

I'm hoping to explore these and how to facilitate transformation in this context in much greater depth in our next group discussion about the Neuroscience of Inclusion and Racism, but for now wanted to share a great quick video by the brilliant Ritu Bhasin about the link between emotional intelligence and cultural competence (needed to increase inclusion and reduce racism):


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