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Survey Report: Peer reviews and recommendations of different neuroscience-based coaching and change facilitation programs. 


One of the benefits of the Neuroscience & Difficult Change group on Linkedin is that our members participate in various neuroscience-based programs and can share their experiences.


Last year (2023) we asked members for their recommendations, reviews, and considerations in selecting a neuroscience-based program. We hope to run this survey yearly and will share the most recent report here (last updated based on data from April 2023).


In addition to providing resources (like pricing and duration of different programs) for the top 12 programs as identified by group members, this report also includes important questions and considerations to support choosing a neuroscience-based program that is right for you (based on other people's experience). To take the 2024 survey and contribute from your experience, please click here.

Please note: Many coaches and change facilitators who were certified and trained by KCI in the past are members of our Linkedin group. We expect this affects the high number of recommendations for KCI's programs. Just FYI ;) 

Survey Report: Neuroscience-Based Programs

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"When it comes to neuroscience-based programs for coaching and change facilitation, there seem to be two main considerations. This report outlines these considerations in the context of the top 12 programs most recommended by other group members (reviewed yearly)."

Please click here to take the 2024 survey and contribute from your own experience. 

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