Guide People Through Difficult Change.

Designed for Difficult Change 

KCI is dedicated to training and certifying change leaders to make difficult change simple.

Find out what makes some changes more difficult than others. Master how to correctly identify and overcome different types of resistance to change. Learn to pinpoint specific invisible obstacles and how to successfully navigate around them. Explore how to  coach individuals, support teams, and successfully facilitate change management at scale by using highly effective neuroscience-based principles, models, and tools uniquely designed for difficult change.

Tools to Make a Difference

KCI training and certification programs give HR Professionals, Coaches, Consultants, and other Change Leaders the skills and knowledge to guide individuals, teams, and entire organizations through difficult change.


Check out our articles about neuroscience applications to difficult change facilitation or KCI's training and certification programs, and please let us know if you need more information to explore if Neuroscience Applications to change could benefit your client. Otherwise, feel free to reach out with any specific questions.


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