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KCI is a thought leader in the area of long-term, empowering, neuroscience-based, change acquisition.

KCI’s groundbreaking principles and tools offer powerful validated processes for supporting people through difficult change while ensuring needed improvements are adopted and implemented in a sustainable way. Over the past 17 years KCI trained and certified hundreds of coaches, change facilitators, and other change leaders to use Neuroscience-based models, so they can make difficult change simple for their clients. 


KCI’s principles are successfully implemented, making a difference in organizations ranging from Fortune 500s to medium sized companies in a wide variety of industries, corporations, military units, education organizations, and government agencies (for a partial list click here).

KCI facilitators are certified to combine multiple Neuroscience-based models. They support different levels of people-development efforts that range from executive coaching to organization-wide change.


Reut Schwartz-Hebron

For more details please visit Reut's profile on Linkedin or click here.

Reut Schwartz-Hebron is the Founder of KCI. She is an internationally recognized authority in the area of Unlearning and the Neuroscience of Transformation, a Board Member of neuroscience and change-related organizations, a published author of multiple books and articles about Neuroscience applications (in renowned publications), a speaker, a TV and media guest expert (with guest appearances on channels like Fox and CNN and interviews in documentaries), a Master Neuroplastician, and a master coach.

For the past 17 years, Reut had the honor of studying neuroscience and collaborating with world-renowned neuroscientists and change experts. Reut started her career in the field of change and transformation more than 25 years ago. She was first a Lieutenant in the IDF and consulted to elite training teams. Since then, she continued to work as an OD consultant, team development facilitator, coach, and HR leader with some of the leading corporations and organizations in the world (across various industries).


She combines this vast change and transformation-facilitation experience with an extensive and deep understanding of neuroscience and has trained and certified hundreds of coaches and change facilitators to use advanced neuroscience applications.

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