KCI offers Change Leaders 3 levels of applied neuroscience-based certification:

  • Coaching.

  • Team Development.

  • Organization-wide change.

These certification programs will allow you to:

  • Apply Neuroscience-based models, principles, techniques, and tools to relevant practical areas.

  • Overcome the most challenging obstacles that get in the way of acquiring change into practice.

  • Identify where people are stuck and improve your ability to guide them from awareness to application so they can achieve desired outcomes.

  • Stay on top of the most up-to-date education in the field, gain a competitive advantage, and stand out from the rest by carving a unique expertise.

  • Share your unique value with potential clients to increase buy-in or sales.

Certification in Applied Neuroscience for Coaching: Level 1

  • Learn a variety of relevant Neuroscience coaching models.

  • Successfully support both "coachable" and "non-coachable" individuals.

  • Create optimal conditions to maximise coaching impact.

  • Use the understanding of how the brain works to overcome difficult change when motivation is not enough.

  • Achieve lasting desired outcomes when change is difficult to acquire or sustain.

  • Prevent and overcome the unique obstacles associated with guiding difficult individuals through change.

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Certification in Neuroscience Applications to Team Development: Level 2 

  • Learn a variety of relevant Neuroscience-based team development models.

  • Prepares Change Leaders to identify, prevent, and overcome invisible team-specific blocks that get teams stuck.

  • Change Leaders will master a step-by-step science-based change facilitation process for achieving desired outcomes when change is difficult in teams.

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Certification in Neuroscience Applications to Organization-Wide Change: Level 3

  • Learn a variety of relevant Neuroscience-based OD models.

  • Successfully support organizational development and change at scale.

  • Provides Change Leaders with a comprehensive, simple design for organizational transformation.

  • Focuses on how to overcome obstacles associated with the high disruption level of organizational reality.

  • Change Leaders will master how to build employee-led change management process through organizational networks and social platforms to achieve deep individual level change-adoption that leads to measurable organization-wide desired outcomes. 

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All three levels:

  • Created for HR professionals, coaches, consultants, and students who wish to work towards a certificate in Neuroscience applications.

  • Taught by leading experts in the area of Neuroscience Applications to Difficult Change.

  • Cover a variety of well known and less known Neuroscience models and methodologies (SCARF and Immunity To Change Process among others) as well as Neuroscience principles and techniques uniquely designed to guide people through difficult change (Unlearning, Resistance to Change and more).

Need to start applying right away to a change that is already in progress? Ask us about KCI training options.

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