4 levels of Certification:

  • Individual 1: Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Coaching.

  • Individual 2: Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Coaching for "Non-Coachable" Individuals.

  • Team: Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Team Development.

  • Organization-wide: Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Organizational Development and Change at Scale.

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  • Cover 10+ top Neuroscience-based models (other excellent programs out there cover 2-3).

  • Highly hands-on and application-oriented.

  • Focused on how to overcome the most challenging obstacles that get in the way of acquiring change into practice.

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 sessions with a KCI Certifying Partner (in most cases).

  • Taught by leading experts in the area of Neuroscience Applications to Difficult Change.


  • Length: 6-8 months long (approx. 2 hours a week).

  • Format: Virtual, including both self-study sections, practice, application, and discussions.

  • Structure: Choose between 1-on-1 program or group program (very small groups offered limited times a year).

  • Level: Suitable for HR professionals, coaches, consultants, and other change leaders with prior experience (ask us about programs that are designed for you if you are just starting off). 

  • Cost: Prices vary by level and type of certification (ranges from $3,750 to $12,000). 

You May Also Want to Know:

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  • About KCI's introductory program to explore Neuroscience-based goal-setting and assessment tools.

  • With the exception of small group certification programs, trying out the 3 first sessions of the relevant certification you are interested in risk-free with a money back guarantee (no questions asked).

Which Certification level is right for you?​

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