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This certification program:

  • Integrates top 10+ Neuroscience-based models and tools into a step-by-step system for change facilitation.

  • Emphasizes hands-on experience, application, and practice.

  • Focuses on difficult change and how to overcome the most challenging obstacles of acquiring change into practice.

  • Approx. 6-8 months long (self-paced).

  • Offers unlimited 1-on-1 sessions with a KCI Certifying Partner.

  • Cutting edge (taught by internationally recognized leading experts in the area of Neuroscience Applications to Difficult Change).

  • Offered with a 14-day risk-free money back guarantee.

  • Prerequisite: Completing a Foundations in Applied Neuroscience program.

The KCI Certification in Applied Neuroscience is a practicum program which allows you to gain mastery of how to apply more than 10 Neuroscience-based models to difficult change challenges. 

You will experience a transformational, step-by-step neuroscience-based coaching process first-hand so you can get an intuitive, implicit experience of how Neuroscience-based models go beyond awareness and understanding and become new default response patterns. You'll then be mentored by a KCI Certifying Partner in real-time to ​practice using a step-by-step neuroscience-based coaching process (working with a client) to complete your certification.


There is no test (this certification is focused on in-practice mastery of new change facilitation techniques not on testing your memory of content).

Different programs in this space vary by the number of participants, specific models covered, duration, and price.

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You may also want to know:

  • KCI offers a risk-free 14 day money back guarantee.

  • Ask us about available scholarships.​



  • Prerequisites: Foundations in Applied Neuroscience. For a list of neuroscience-based models and tools covered, please click here.

  • Length: 6-8 months, approx. 2-3 hours of time investment per week (self-paced)

  • Format: Virtual, including self-study, 1-on-1 discussion sessions, practice, and application.

  • Level: Suitable for HR professionals, coaches, consultants, and other change leaders - program emphasis can be adjusted based on prior experience level.

  • Cost: $4,750 (+2.9% in paid online)- including a minimum of:

    • 24 individual 60min sessions with a KCI Certifying Partner.

    • Two Neuroscience-based assessments ($1,000 worth).

    • All related reading and facilitation materials.

    • Some scholarships may be available.

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How can I sign up?

This small group program is limited in capacity and offered only two times a year. To get more information about the next start date, content, or to be placed on the wait list, please contact us or reach out directly to: Reut@KeyChangeNow.com


Additional levels of certification:

Since brains only come in individual units (one per person), any certification in Neuroscience has to first start with the understanding of how change roles out at the individual level. However, KCI offers 3 more levels of certification in addition to the above foundational Certification in Applied Neuroscience: 

  • Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Coaching for "Non-Coachable" Individuals.

  • Applications of Neuroscience-Based Models to Team Development.

  • Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Organizational Development and Change at Scale.

Any questions? Please contact us with any questions or for more information.