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A10-month-long, advanced, hands-on practicum, dedicated to the Neuroscience of Transformation, Unlearning, and Difficult Change.



The KCI Advanced Certification in Applied Neuroscience is a two-part practicum program which allows you to gain mastery of the top 10 Neuroscience-based models:

  • Integrates the top 10+ Neuroscience-based models into a streamlined step-by-step change-facilitation process.

  • Emphasizes application and practice.

  • Focuses on difficult change and how to overcome some of the most challenging obstacles of change facilitation.

  • Approx. 8-10 months long (self-paced).

  • Offers 1-on-1 hands-on mentoring sessions with a KCI Certifying Partner (you will be coached and mentored by internationally recognized leading experts in the area of Neuroscience Applications to Difficult Change).

  • Offered with a 14-day risk-free money back guarantee.

  • Prerequisite: Completing the Advanced Foundations in Applied Neuroscience program.

Why Use a Practicum Process for Certification?


Most excellent certification programs are delivered in big group formats (anywhere from 40 to 200 people per group) and focus on ensuring you receive great content. Why does this certification program take a 1-on-1 practicum approach?


Groups obviously have many important advantages, but some things require hands-on practice to be mastered.


After more that 15 years, training and certifying hundreds of coaches and change facilitators to use Neuroscience-based change models, we value the importance of mentoring you individually so you can explore where these models meet YOU.

The KCI Advanced Certification in Applied Neuroscience is a two part practicum program - focusing on practice, experience, hands-on,1-on-1 coaching and mentoring on how to use 10+ Neuroscience-based models: 


  • Practicum Part 1: Experience a transformational, step-by-step neuroscience-based coaching process. Get an intuitive, first-hand understanding of the transformative power of Neuroscience-based models. Experience for yourself what it is like to define Unlearning Goals, take Neuroscience-based assessments, unlearn and relearn response patterns to better achieve your goals (beyond the obvious benefit of receiving top level neuroscience-based coaching yourself, this first part is vital because there is no better way to learn how to support others than to first experience it yourself!).

  • Practicum part 2: Master using a step-by-step neuroscience-based coaching process, working with a client while getting 1-on-1 mentoring from a KCI Certifying Partner in real-time, to complete your certification. Learn to apply 10+ neuroscience-based models and guide a coaching client as they overcome difficult change challenges.

Different programs in this space vary by the number of participants, specific models covered, duration, and price. To best compare this certification with other programs, you may want to consider: 

Comparing this applied neuroscience certification program with other certification programs

Comparing programs can be confusing and different programs are a better fit for different people! 

Unlike most other programs, KCI Certification provides 1-on-1 hands-on coaching experience for 8-10 months. Its advantage is that despite the high quality individual time dedication, it is still priced like a 6 month group program.

Know What You Are Paying For


Hands-on, practical, implementation-oriented, 1-on-1, individual coaching & mentoring certification programs are naturally very different from large group ones. This advanced program is a practicum, which means you'll receive dedicated training. At the same time, at KCI we believe every change leader should have access to this valuable knowledge, so we are offering our 10 month advanced certification program at the same rates as large group programs. To get a more intuitive sense of the value you can expect, check out how certified change facilitators describe this program:

  • "...becoming a certified consultant has been incredibly impactful for my consulting business."

  • "Reut's understanding of Neuroscience and its application in moving individuals and teams through difficult change is phenomenal."

  • "Transformational."

  • "...will change the way you operate in the world."

  • "Reut makes sure you truly understand every aspect of the brain science of change and its application." 

  • "...the most beautiful thing that happened to me in 2022."

  • "...leads to significant and impactful shifts." 

  • "Done at a deep level and incredibly thorough."

  • "Adds new powerful techniques and insight."

  • "I think Reut is the fairy Godmother, she has magic!!!"

  • "Working with Reut is akin to 'taking the red pill'..."

  • "Reut's knowledge of the neuroscience of change and her ability to apply it in practical terms to difficult change problems is unique and incredibly effective."

  • "I’ve never had so much joy as when I’m working with a client using this approach."

Want to learn more about what past certified coaches and change facilitators say about this certification program? For referrals and recommendations please click here.

KCI Certification in Applied Neuroscience: transformation coaching

You May Also Want to Know

  • KCI offers a risk-free 30 day FULL money back guarantee. 

  • Ask us about our 3 different payment options.


  • Length: 8-10 months, approx. 2-3 hours of time investment per week (self-paced).

  • Format: Virtual, including self-study, 1-on-1 discussion sessions, practice, and application.

  • Level: Advanced. Suitable for experienced coaches, consultants, and other change facilitators.

  • Certification RequirementsThere is no test. This certification is focused on in-practice mastery of new change facilitation techniques.

  • Cost: $6,250 (+2.9% in paid online)- including:

Breakdown of the monetary value of this Certification in Applied Neuroscience

Payment Options?


KCI offers three payment options:

  • Prepayment in full.

  • An option to pay in 5 installments.

  • A pay as you go option.

For specific details about the different payment options, please contact us or reach out directly to:

How Can I Sign Up?

This practicum certification program is limited in capacity. To get more information about the next start date, content, or to be placed on the wait list, please contact us or reach out directly to:


Any questions? Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

Additional Levels of Certification

Since brains only come in individual units (one per person), any certification in Neuroscience has to first start with the understanding of how change roles out at the individual level. However, KCI offers 3 additional levels of certification (these are shorter, taking 2-3 months to complete, and are based on applications mastered during the above foundational Certification in Applied Neuroscience): 

  • Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Coaching "Non-Coachable" Individuals.

  • Applications of Neuroscience-Based Models to Team Development.

  • Neuroscience-Based Models and Tools for Organizational Development and Change at Scale.

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