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Over the past 15 years we've worked closely with numerous small and large client organizations in a variety of industries to make difficult change simple. KCI facilitators are certified to support different levels of people-development efforts that range from executive coaching to organization-wide change. 

We believe in a different approach to consulting: partnering with in-house change leaders and equipping them to take on a bigger part of needed change efforts. We draw on their deep insight and understanding of the complexity of the situation but instead of taking over from there, we train them and guide them to be actively involved. 

Over the years we have trained and certified hundreds of change leaders to successfully support coaching, team development, and organization-wide changes in their organizations.This ensures the longevity of the change, creates an internal platform for future needs, and dramatically reduces costs; turning change facilitation into an accessible internal function.

Each organization and situation is different and we're always happy to discuss if and how KCI consulting services can support you.

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