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Neuroscience & Difficult Change Group on Linkedin

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Looking forward to sharing and exploring this exciting intersection of Difficult Change and Neuroscience together via the group!

With deepest appreciation,

Reut & the KCI team

Learn, unlearn, relearn

Event: Next Group Discussion

Topic: The Neuroscience of Storytelling as a Transformation Tool

Two options to attend:

  • Thursday, February 2nd, 8:00am PST/11:00am EST/ 4:00pm UK

  • Friday, February 3rd, 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free

If interested, please RSVP below (indicating which of the two options you prefer to attend), or by reaching out to Reut:

(Zoom link and slide deck will be provided when you RSVP)

Top Post: Linkedin Group Page

"What is resistance to change? How do you define it? What are people resisting exactly?

If your education was similar to mine, traditional change models taught us to focus on resistance as something that stems from external factors. In other words, the idea was that something about the change itself is undesirable or even threatening (the number one culprit is usually the "unknown")..."

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Book recommendation

Book Recommendation

"I've started working on a new slide deck about The Neuroscience of Authenticity (will of course share when it's ready :)) and taking a deeper dive into what concepts like the "self" and "personality" mean from a Neuroscience perspective.

Why is this important? Because I believe that being truly authentic (in a way that is both vulnerable and aligned with our true self) is..."

Certification in Applied Neuroscience: Next Start Date

For those interested in KCI's Certification in Applied Neuroscience: The next start date is April 21st, 2023 (this program is offered only twice a year). Start time for our clients in Europe is April 20th, 2023.

With questions or to be added to the wait-list, please reach out directly to

Certification in Applied Neuroscience
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