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Working with KCI Certified Coaches

KCI (Key Change Institute) Certified Coaches have gone through a rigorous process to acquire neuroscience-based models and skills to guide clients through difficult change. In particular, they have been taught to coach clients to define neuroscience-based goals (Unlearning Goals), guide clients to complete 3 online neuroscience-based assessments, and support clients to adopt neuroscience-based skills (Change-Readiness Skills), which enable transformative change in support of the client’s goals.


The certification process includes 3 parts:

  • Part1: A 12-week, group-format course in the Foundations of Applied Neuroscience (18 discussion hours and Approximately 50 hours of self-study).

  • Parts 2 and 3: The second and third parts of the certification are individual Practicum levels (being coached and mentored 1-on-1 with a dedicated certifying partner), taking approximately 6-8 months to complete when working at a pace of 2-3 hours per week.

The two Practicum levels involve receiving coaching by the certifying partner (defining Unlearning Goals, completing assessments, and adopting one Change-Readiness skill for transformational change), followed by coaching an initial client through the same discovery and transformation process (with the support of the certifying partner working alongside the coach).

Once the certifying partner has confirmed the in-practice mastery of the above change facilitation techniques, the KCI certification is awarded.

Ongoing access to self-paced learning materials used in the Foundations course and in the Practicum as well as a community of practice (led by a KCI certifying partner) are available to all certified coaches, for coaches to continue to grow their skills.

When you work with a KCI Certified coach, you receive highly trained coaches who support each client with highly nuanced and complex neuroscience-based methodologies and techniques that make the change acquisition process simple and effective for the client.

Neuroscience-based models in this coaching process include:

  • Explicit vs. Implicit System

  • Neuroscience-based diagnostic tools

  • Unlearning

  • Vertical and Bilateral Integration

  • SCARF (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness)

  • Immunity to Change

  • A.G.E.S. (Attention, Generation, Emotion, Spacing)

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Memory Re-Consolidation

  • Neural Integration Model

  • Polyvagal theory (including Neuroception)

  • LNHP Sustainability Model

Additional levels of KCI certification are available for coaches working with clients who lack the vulnerability to be coached in the traditional method, as well as working within teams and organizations.

Further questions about KCI’s certificated coaches may be directed to

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