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Coming together as a community to share:

The Top 10

A living-breathing survey of the Top 10 change-related Neuroscience-based programs

There are so many neuroscience-based programs out there that (if you are interested in exploring this domain) it can be truly difficult to figure out which option is right for you. However, thanks to all our members on the Neuroscience & Difficult Change group on Linkedin, we have an amazing community of change facilitators with tremendous knowledge and experience to share!

The purposes of this survey are to:

  • Identify what our community considers the best neuroscience-related programs for coaches and change facilitators.

  • Save precious research time by having all the data and links available for you to make the best decision, at your fingertips.

  • Get an insider perspective with honest reviews from trusted people who completed the programs.

Completing this quick survey will allow all group members to access the accumulative knowledge we collect here! Thank you in advance for your time and for helping in building this precious community🌺

Reut and the KCI team

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