Neuroscience Applications for Coaching

Is it possible to improve the success and sustainability of coaching efforts by knowing how the brain works? Neuroscience applications to coaching are the exciting next breakthrough...the next quantum leap, providing answers we could not access before.

Coaching is one of the most effective change, growth, and development avenues and for good reason. Coaching techniques and methodologies have become increasingly more effective since the 1980's, making coaching one of the best approaches for supporting individual transformation.

This is perhaps because coaching is designed to support the acquisition of change into practice. Unfortunately though, not all change is created equal. Even when people are highly motivated and open to needed changes, some changes are inherently more difficult to acquire and sustain.

This short intro article is designed to (hopefully) start you on a journey of discovery. It is the first of a series of FREE resources about neuroscience applications to difficult change in coaching. It's an invitation to explore, experience, practice, and discuss the most cutting-edge answers to questions like:

  • Why do some people struggle to adopt new habits in a sustainable way, even when they are truly motivated to achieve desired outcomes?

  • Can we successfully support individuals who seem to resist making the effort needed to achieve t