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Neural synchrony

"...Neural synchrony between people occurs when the patterns of electrical activity in their separate brains are oscillating in tandem with one another. In other words, it is a measure of how much their brains are firing in similar ways at the same time."

More and more research is focusing on what happens when groups of people are in "neural synchrony."

Groups are complex things. On one hand, there are potential risks to consider like group think and excluding others outside the group (as Lennon said "Imagine there's no countries" is in many ways the formation of groups that gives us things to "kill and die for). On the other hand, the bonds in groups are very powerful and healing.

Groups as small as two people (like in coaching, parenting, or relationships with a spouse and friends) create a space for neural synchrony and when we tap into that connection (especially when there is right-brain to right-brain connection), these can be engines for growth. New research of bigger groups is showing that groups who resonate on the same frequency are more productive and, perhaps more importantly in this context, that when neural synchrony is tapped into in a group, it can provide support for overcoming difficult change.

This territory is just in it's infancy, but it touches on something we all know at a very intuitive level...that feeling of connecting with another human being.

Attaching an article by the fabulous Jay Van Bavel (highly recomend following his work in this field) and Dominic Packer (who may be just as awesome...I'm just not as familiar with his work :)). Thank you Edwina Pike for sharing this with me!

Check in out: Here


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