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The darker days of transformation

As we enter the holiday season (and much shorter days for some of us), light isn't as easily available on the outside. It is interesting to realize that transformation can sometimes feel like darker days too. We often need to open painful wounds to move forward (even if briefly).

During those times, it is a gift to be able to amplify the light coming from the inside!

Some emotions like gratitude and compassion, provide us with inner energy. They light up our brains like an internal Christmas tree or Menorah. Gratitude doesn't mean we can't be critical or focus on needed improvement. It just means we enter the critical space with more emotional nourishment. It is one such inner light, very much within our control, and with huge benefits to our physical health, joy, concentration, and balance.

More specifically from a Neuroscience perspective, in the context of difficult change, people who focus on what they are grateful for can be more solution-oriented, less defensive, approach difficulties from a growth-mindset, and overall bounce back faster when there are obstacles along the way.

Wanted to take a moment to wish this amazing community a Happy Thanksgiving and more moments of gratitude!

Attaching a fabulous article about the Neuroscience of Gratitude and how it counteracts negative emotions (here focused on anxiety and grief but the same is true for many negative emotions that come up during change processes...). Check it out: Here


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