Meeting point: Growth Mindset

People shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset when they have the abilities to do so, not because they logically believe the shift is good for them. What are we hoping to achieve? A growth mindset is defined as a frame of mind or belief that talents and abilities are not set, that learning is a lifelong journey, and that we all can develop and learn continuously. People with a growth mindset treat disappointments and mistakes as learning opportunities, looking for what they can do to improve next time to get better results. But it's a lot more than that: it's an emotional capacity to deal effectively with discomfort, it's an ability to see shades of gray and be comfortable with ambigu

A Framework for Applying Neuroscience to Difficult Change in Coaching and Change Management

One of the things we hear from Change Leaders we train and certify is that it's often unclear how Neuroscience findings can be applied to support change in general and difficult change in particular. How Do Scientific Findings Apply to Difficult Change Challenges? In some cases, one specific Neuroscience finding leads to a specific technique. For example, understanding how to engage Prefrontal Cortex functions, which are more focused and less emotional, allows us to support people to be more in control of their emotions when they experience overwhelming emotions (like extreme anger, frustration etc.). However, in most cases, the makeup of specific science-based principles and techniques for

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