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"Executive functioning"

The Neuroscience term "Executive functioning" is now widely used. These are important functions of the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) which support effective responses and thinking patterns.

It is worth noting, however, that these "controlled" functions should not override other, more subconscious responses. There are things our subconscious knows how to do (like connecting emotionally, or more intuitive thinking), which are needed for us to thrive as individuals and team members. Unfortunately, our conscious, "executive" parts have no access to these equally important subconscious responses.

Of course it goes without saying that effective executive functions are important to facilitating difficult change (just think what would happen without an effective degree of emotional control, for example). But I'd like to suggest that change can become just as difficult if there is too much emphasis on executive functions (again, just think what happens if there is too much emotional control etc.).

Attaching a great basic article about the executive functions of the PFC and wondering how we make sure to keep the use of executive functions balanced in our approach to change facilitation...


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