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How Do We Create Memories?

Memory is a big term...when it comes to change acquisition (adoption, implementation etc.), very specific types of "memory" related to our experiences are the foundation of why we respond and think the way we do. To change behavioral patterns and thinking habits, we need to "revise" the links between experience-related events and the meaning we assign them.

This absolutely brilliant explanation by Murali Doraiswamy explores how in many cases, memories do not exist as stagnant units we refer back to - but rather, are formed as a process of recreation, each time we "remember."

This is hugely important in terms of its applications to change in general, and difficult change in particular because thanks to new research, we can now tap into this process of re-formation to generate "organic" transformation that is not as dependent on willpower and motivation.

There is obviously so much more we need to learn about this field but it is super exciting to be able to design change in a way that makes a huge difference, especially in the context of difficult change, to support people where they would otherwise get stuck. Check out this amazing video!


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