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A New Look at Inclusion

Imagine noticing a child is struggling to use simple everyday tools like a can opener or scissors and concluding that they are deficient in some way. This way of seeing people was true, and parents forced left-handed children to use their right hands for years, until we learned that the brain of left-handed people is wired differently. We now more easily accept that just because the world is designed for right-handed people, doesn't make left-handed people deficient.

Change the world to match the preferences of left-handed people, and suddenly all right-handed individuals become limited.

Loved this great talk about how we need to stretch this understanding we have of how the brain works to accept people who are different than us (in this case people on the spectrum).

I believe it begs the question, what about others should we learn to accept and even nourish (by creating different environments) and what we actually need to invest in getting them to change?


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