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Neurosciences Institute: Stanford University

Fabulous article by Stanford University's Neuroscience Institute about Growth Mindset - not just about what it is (understanding it is vital and allows us to design coaching, training, and other change efforts to provide great insight) - but just as important, starting to ask critical questions about how to shift someone in fixed mindset to growth mindset (it seems to be my theme for this month :)). A few fabulous quotes: - "At the time, the suggested cure for learned helplessness was a long string of successes. Dweck posited that the difference... lay in people’s beliefs about why they had failed." (so not just changing experiences - but also the meaning we assign them). -“shift the emphasis from attributional errors and biases to the consequences of attributions — why it matters what attributions people make.” - “Study skills and learning skills are inert until they’re powered by an active ingredient...Students may know how to study, but won’t want to if they believe their efforts are futile...If you target that belief, you can see more benefit than you have any reason to hope for.”

Click here to read article

What principles and techniques do you use to help individuals, teams, and organizations to shift from fixed mindset to growth mindset?

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