Neuroscience-Based Diagnostic Tools

As someone who studied to use a variety of different assessment and diagnostic tools over the years, I'm a huge fan of the power of Neuroscience-based assessment tools to help guide people through difficult change! Here is some an insight into why Neuroscience-based assessments are so powerful.

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One of the most common questions I get asked when guiding individuals, teams, and organizations to read their diagnostic report is "so what now...what can I do about it?"

I'm sure that like me, you are familiar with numerous personality and performance diagnostic tools. Tools like MBTI, DISC, the Leadership Circle, Predictive Index (in no particular order) are highly reliable and validated and have paved the way to numerous transformations. So what is so unique about Neuroscience-based diagnostic tools that needs our special attention?

From Descriptive to Prescriptive

The first powerful thing about Neuroscience-based diagnostic and assessment tools is that they don't simply describe. Instead, they identify causes. At KCI, using Neuroscience-based assessment tools all