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Uncertainty & Stress - getting the basics right (Alex Boulting)

My son (18) has Aspergers. This means that in addition to the milion beautiful things about him, he is particularly challenged with uncertainty. But what if, alongside the very real pain of recent weeks, uncertainty is also an amazing opportunity to practice better mental models and really grow? The point we need to notice is: Neuroscience teaches us that practicing new strategies of coping effectively in the presence of difficulty, builds more resilience than practicing those same strategies in the absence of difficulty (when I was an officer in the military I learned how much more resilient people can become by having difficult experiences and overcoming them). For my son, as hard as it is, it's also an amazing opportunity to build new mental models to "be" in uncertainty, ones that will serve him well in many other, less or equally stressful, situations in life. Threat is not all can be if we get past a critical threshold, but Neuroscience tells us there is great benefit in some discomfort. Here is a brilliant article by Alex Boulting about the myths associated with threat and growth. Thanks Alex for sharing (click here) #neuroscience #changeleadership #coaching #DifficultChange #resilience

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